Youth Ministry


The Mission

The teenage years are vital in every person’s life. At Bible Baptist we realize this, and seek to see teenagers saved and trained to serve in the local church. The focal point of our youth ministry is Word of Life. This program is designed to be a time of fun and fellowship, with a strong emphasis on discipleship. Through the Word of Life program, students have a chance to earn college scholarships, gift cards to favorite restaurants and stores, and other awards.

  • 6th Grade through 12th Grade

  • Education Building

  • Wednesdays at 7pm

The Focus

The main focus is building a foundation on the Word of God through Bible study, quiet time, and scripture memory. Our Word of Life ministry is also incorporated into Sunday School each week, where students are taught the major doctrines of the faith.
Teenagers at Bible Baptist do not sit on the sidelines, but actively participate in serving the Lord. Teens are part of the choir, orchestra, nursery, and Sunday School ministries.
Teens are taught that they are the future of the church, and they must do their part to serve the Lord.

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What Students Are Learning



  • Buzzer Beater

    Students will understand that they are only given an unknown amount of time to live and will see their need to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior before their life is over.

  • Batter Up

    Students will learn how to do an effective quiet time which will assist in their personal spiritual growth.

  • What's Your Plan

    Students will gain an understanding of basic spiritual disciplines and some ideas on how to begin their own plan for spiritual growth using Word of Life’s Creative Discipleship program.

  • The Playbook

    Students will understand the importance of memorizing Scripture and put what they are memorizing into practice.

  • Never a Dull Moment

    Students will see the importance of accountability and be challenged to make a choice to intentionally get involved in an accountability relationship.

  • Are You Ready?

    Students will be equipped and motivated to show and share their faith with others.

  • Pay It Forward

    Students will learn what generosity is and how they can implement a generous lifestyle.

  • Now Is the Time to Worship; Now!

    Students will learn that worship is a lifestyle and will be challenged to actively worship God.



  • Jonah Runs from God

    A video series about life lessons from Jonah and Jude

  • Jonah Runs to God

    A video series about life lessons from Jonah and Jude

  • Jonah Runs for God

    A video series about life lessons from Jonah and Jude

  • Jonah Runs Into God

    A video series about life lessons from Jonah and Jude

  • A Quick Charge

    A video series about life lessons from Jonah and Jude



  • My Design Reflects my Designer

    Students will recognize that God’s role as self-existent Creator makes Him the only One Who has the answers to our purpose and the meaning of life and will be challenged to worship and obey Him.

  • Love, The Trinity, and Me

    Students will understand that the Trinity demonstrates God’s loving nature and will be challenged to demonstrate God’s love in their lives.

  • Wholly Holy

    Students will learn that God is holy and will be encouraged to strive to be set apart to Him.

  • Our All-Sufficient God

    Students will learn how God knows everything, He is always there, and can bring them through whatever problems they face and will be challenged to depend completely upon Him.

  • Man Alive

    Students will learn that their brokenness is reflective of sin and choose to follow God’s plan for fixing that brokenness through a relationship with Jesus.

  • Light for a Dark World

    Students will understand that the world they were born into is dark and will be challenged to find help in the light of the Lord.

  • Snakes in Your House

    Students will learn how this broken world corrupts our hearts and minds and will be challenged to find strength through Jesus for their battle with sin.

  • From ≠ To

    Students will learn about true freedom and will be challenged to choose to no longer be a slave to sin.



  • Patient Faith

    Students will learn God is in control and choose to wait on His timing.

  • Fleeting Faith

    Students will realize that God is always with them and choose to run from sinful temptations.

  • Unwavering Faith

    Students will learn the key to beating discouragement and be empowered to bless others even while going through their own trials.

  • Triumphant Faith

    Students will know God has a good plan for them and seek to live faithfully for Him each day.

  • What Is the "Church"

    Students will learn the differences and similarities between the local church and the universal Church and will be encouraged to be involved in the church.

  • The Church: No Unity without Community

    Students will discover that the church is a loving community for encouragement and instruction in the Word and will be challenged to play their part in building that community.

  • The Church: Why Accountability

    Students will see how accountability brings unity and growth and will be urged to get involved in an active accountability relationship.

  • The church: Preserve Peace and Unity!

    Students will see their personal responsibility in preserving peace and unity in the church and learn how to confront and correct their broken relationships.

  • The Can Bank on It

    Students will understand that believers are rich in Christ and be confident in their salvation.


  • The Great Portrait of Salvation

    Students will gaze upon the great portrait of salvation and be reminded to put it on display by walking in good works.

  • The Great Reconciler

    Students will understand that Jesus Christ is the great Reconciler and be challenged to live in harmony with God and others.

  • The Mystery Revealed

    Students will learn that the church is no longer a mystery but a place of unity and will be challenged to keep the fellowship of this unity.


Bible Fellowship

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